Exercises to Include in Your Off-Season Golf Training

Exercises to Include in Your Off-Season Golf Training

By Dr. Jeffrey Belgue, DC, ART, D.Ac, TPI Level 1

With March comes a brand-new golf season. Although it will be a couple months before we are into the thick of the season, there are certainly things you can do right now to improve your game.

It is no secret that the fitness side of golf has taken off in the last decade thanks largely in part to a group called the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. We can use their research to help prepare our bodies to better execute the golf swing. This can help reduce injury and increase consistency.  By committing to golf related exercise and fitness you can help improve your game without picking up a club!

The group at TPI created a Movement Screen comprised of 16 movement tests used to identify physical limitations that may contribute to poor swing mechanics and/or injury.  We perform the TPI Movement Screen at Dynamic Health and Performance to create an exercise program individualized to our golfer’s specific movement faults. The exercise program can be scaled for all ages, abilities and designed based on the athlete’s access to fitness equipment.  If you are serious about improving your golf related fitness and improving your body to better execute your golf swing, we highly recommend the TPI Movement Screen.

Although the golf swing is highly personal, think Adam Scott and Jim Furyk, below are exercises to help get you started this spring as the season approaches. A link accompanies the exercise to the TPI website for exercise demonstration.

  • Open Books – to improve mid back rotation


  • Bridge – to improve glute strength/stability and hip extension


  • Bird Dog – to improve core stability


For more information about The Titleist Performance Institute Movement Screen, golf specific warm up/cool down routines or anything golf fitness/injury related please contact me at (905) 339-2333 or at drbelgue@dynamichealthandperformance.ca


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