Fitness Friday – Four Way Hips with Bands

1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and a band around 1 leg.
2. Keeping your core tight, slide your leg back behind you and squeeze your glutes, just far enough that you feel a squeeze, tap the big toe on the ground, keeping all your weight on the supporting leg and then bring the leg back to starting position. Repeat 10 times.
3. Turn your body to the right, this time you will slide your leg out to the side, again tapping the toe but keeping your weight on the supporting leg so you feel the outside of your glutes activate. Repeat 10 times
4. Turn again to your right so you are facing the opposite direction to where you started. This time you will tap your toe in front of you, far enough that you feel the muscles activate but not so far that you are reaching. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times
5. Lastly, turn once more to your right, this time taking a larger step away from the band with the supporting leg and pulling the opposite foot in towards the body, and back out again. Repeat 10 times
6. Switch the band to the other leg, and repeat the steps above.
HINT: Keep all your weight on the supporting leg, keep your core tight and stand up straight. You want your hips and legs to move, not the top half of your body.

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