Top Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables!

Top Tips to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables!

By Olivia Hart, B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

  1. Set an example.

By far the best predictor of a child’s eating patterns is those of the parents! If vegetables and healthier food options are not promoted or seen being consumed by the parents, it’s tough to expect your kid to take to them. Kids eat what they know, and they won’t ask for special treats or meals if they don’t know it’s an option!

  1. Get them involved in the process.

Children are going to be way more interested in a meal they’ve helped prepare. Letting your kids pick two things to cook for dinner and have them help with the washing and preparing of the food — this can make them far more excited to eat it! Take them to the farmers market or the grocery store and let them pick one fruit or vegetable for each color of the rainbow, they’ll be so excited when you use their chosen fruit or vegetable for their meals!

  1. Educate.

When trying to get a child to try something new, it may be helpful to tell them a few of the health benefits that food can have for them. For example — these carrots will help you to see better, or this spinach will help you to have strong bones! This makes vegetables seem like they’ll give you super powers and who wouldn’t want to eat that!

  1. Enforce the “try five” rule

Many studies show that a child who initially rejects a food must be exposed to it at least 5-10 times for the food to be accepted. The “try five” rule means you must try this food at least 5 different times before you rule out that food! The more exposure to a food the more accustomed our taste buds become to the flavour and eventually you may like it!

  1. Get creative and a little sneaky.

Get creative and learn some recipes that sneak a ton of fruits and vegetables into the diet. Things like smoothies, pasta sauces, even muffins! Here’s an awesome recipe for spinach muffins that taste delicious and are super nutritious from one of my favourite bloggers S Runs For Cake.



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