#Fitness Friday – Shoulder Exercise

This effective compound exercise targets those hard-to-hit back muscles and concentrates on shoulder and upper back strengthening. 

1. Start with your feet planted firmly into the ground with your legs shoulder width apart, push your hips back slightly so you are in a hinged position. Keep a nice flat back.
2. Holding the weights with your palms facing your body, start with your arms extended down in front of you
3. Slowly pull the elbows up, keeping the hands positioned towards the body, until hands hit chest height. Don’t let the hands go higher and try to keep the shoulders from raising up. Just the arms are moving, not the shoulders.
4. Slowly bring the arms back down to the starting position.
TIPS: Don’t hike your shoulders up, lead with the elbows and keep the shoulders low, the trapezius muscles shouldn’t over fire.

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