For the Love of the Race

For the Love of the Race

By Stephanie Nogueira, Registered Physiotherapist, BASc. AHN, MScPT

I have been racing Ironman triathlons for 10 years now and since then, not a year has gone by that I did not race a triathlon of some kind.  Taking that first step towards your first triathlon is often the hardest, however getting started is easier than most people realize and extremely rewarding.

Whether you are attempting a triathlon for the first time, or working towards Ironman, Ontario is the hotbed of Ironman competitions and Triathlons with virtually a chance to race on each and every weekend. To help with your journey, there are a number of clubs in the area that can help you get started in a sport you will fall in love with:

Triathlon Club of Burlington
Trisport Canada
Burlington Runners
Hikers Haven Oakville
SoTri – Southern Ontario Triathlon Club
MEC Burlington Meet Up

I love the pain, suffering and discovery of our limits, the challenges through training and racing and the fortitude to overcome them. Saying that training and racing for an Ironman is a ‘journey’ puts it into too bright of a light, rather it is a battle for self-resilience and strength to endure the anguish ahead, only to come out stronger in the end.

So, it is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that this year, I will not be lining up on the edge of the water towards an Ironman or Half Ironman finish. 2018 brings with it several new journeys, adventures and unknowns for me — many that will be taking time away from my ability to plunge deep into Ironman training.  Simply said, I don’t have the time this year to dedicate to Ironman training.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be racing.

At the back end of last year, I raced four 50km trail races, all within 6 weeks of each other.  Needless to say, I found something I really wanted to explore further and will be participating in the following 2018 race schedule:

• Strides Inside 6 hour Indoor Track race  – January 6th – Finished 1st place female
• Around the Bay 30km  – March 25th – 2:31:51 finish time
• Pick Your Poison 50km
• Mississauga Half Marathon
• Sulphur Spring 50km
• Talley in the Valley 12 Hour Day – 100km
• Iroquoia Trail Test – 34km
• Haliburton Forest – 80km  (50 miles)
• Run for the Toad – 50km
• Sticks N’ Stones – 50km

I look forward to new challenges in 2018 and one day, returning to my first love.

Never stop what you love doing.


Stephanie brings a breath of knowledge as an avid Ironman Triathlete competing in seven full distance Ironman races, including Brazil, Lake Placid, Penticton, Mont, Texas, Florida and countless half Ironman races.  She continues to participate in running races and is also a Classic Ballet teacher.

Stephanie believes in a functional approach to treating pain and movement dysfunctions, where her aim is to help athletes recover and achieve optimal function in their sport and in life. For more information or to contact Stephanie, please call at (905) 339-2333 or email her at

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