#FitnessFriday – Hinge A’s

This effective compound exercise helps improve shoulder stability and rotator cuff health. To increase the intensity level, use small plates, light dumbbells or resistance bands.

1. Start with your chest and torso on a workout bench, with your neck packed so it is not coming forward and putting strain on the neck (you can also do this with your bum against the wall and your chest on a 45* angle off the wall if you do not have access to a bench). 
2. Arms start down in front of you with palms facing each other.
3. Keeping the shoulders back and down, pull the arms down towards your side, while rotating your hands so your palms are facing forwards, you want to try for a gentle shoulder blade squeeze as you do this exercise. 
TIP: don’t let your shoulders roll forward, keep them down and back for nice posture and proper muscle activation. 
CHALLENGE: add a weight if this exercise starts to get easy!

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