#WednesdayWorkout – Shoulder Ranges of Motion

1. Start by laying on your back with a dowel in your hand. One end of the dowel will be in the palm of your right hand, and the left arm will hold the dowel in a comfortable position.

2. Allowing the left arm to do the moving, slowly reach your right arm back towards the ground, keeping your elbow locked. Once you reach a range that is comfortable and NOT painful, stop and pause.

3. Slowly bring the arm back up to the starting position.

4. Next, reposition your arm so that the back of the hand is pointed out to the right.

5. Leading with the left arm, slowly bring your right arm out to the side, so the back of the hand is coming towards the ground. Again reach a range that is comfortable, and pause.

6. Slowly bring the arm back to the starting position and repeat.

TIP: Do 10 in each direction before switching arms. Always make sure you do both arms, not just one.

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