#WednesdayWorkout – Upper Body Rolls

The upper body roll is designed to unwind the tissue and improve spine rotation and upper/lower quadrants. An excellent stretch exercise to improve mobility and extension!

1. Start laying face down on the floor with your left arm out to the side and your right arm straight above your head.
2. Slowly you are going to lift the left arm off the ground without using your back muscles or glute muscles, lift as high as you can without hiking your shoulder up towards your ear
3. Once your torso and rest of your body starts to lift off with your arm, keep the legs loose and let them finish the movement by rolling over your body once your arm has gone as far as you allow it to.
4. The goal is to try to keep the lower body completely relaxed so you can work through your upper back and shoulder mobility.
5. Try it again from the other side, starting with the right arm out to the side and the left arm straight in front.
Tip: Let the arm guide the entire movement, don’t use your legs or torso to get you to roll over!

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