#FitnessFriday – Lateral Monster Walks

There's nothing scary about these Lateral Band Monster Walks - an effective exercise to activate the hip and glute muscles and strengthen the lower body. The band can be applied closer to the knees for an easier movement or around the ankles for a more advanced movement.

1. Start with a band above your knees so that there is tension when you move your legs

2. Starting in a mini squat position (as if you were about to sit in a chair), step your right leg out to the side, stepping heel first and then follow with your toe.

3. Continue with the right leg for 10 steps. Making the steps challenging so you can feel the band, but not too far that you have to reach to take a step.

4. Switch to the left foot leading for 10 steps after you completed the right side.


o Try to stay in a low squat position to feel the activation of the glutes and outer thighs

o Keep the core tight so you don’t use your lower back muscles to stabilize you in the mini-squat position.


o Add a weight in front of you to challenge your core and stability

#FitnessFriday – Bear Crawls

  1. Start in a plank position, with hands directly placed under your shoulders. From the plank position bend your knees so they sit directly under the hips without touching the floor (sort of like your knees are floating). This will help engage the core.
  2. Keeping your back nice and flat, left arm and right leg are going to move in a small step forward at the same time. Then the right arm and left leg will move at the same time, for a small step forward. Keeping the core tight and the back nice and flat.
  3. You will continue like this, taking 10 steps forward.

- Make sure you keep your shoulders down and back so they are away from your neck, and keep your hips nice and stable, slowly moving each leg at a time
- To ensure your back is flat and your core is tight, balance a Kleenex box on your back, if it falls off, your form may be lacking.