#WednesdayWorkout: The Bird Dog

The Bird Dog

1. Start on your hands and knees

2. Opposite arm and leg are going to reach toward the walls – trying to get as long as you can

3. Bring them back down and switch to the other side

Hint: don’t lift the arm or leg too high – want to be long and not up to the sky!




Our monsters are not scary! Monster walks keep your glutes strong & healthy!

Monster walks aren’t scary! Ok maybe your glutes might see them as scary tomorrow ;).

One of our favourite exercises at DHP is Monster Walks! They are an easy glute exercise to do without any gym equipment and minimal space! All you need is a stretchy band to place around your knees (we prefer Therabands which can be purchased at DHP).

Step 1: Place a theraband around your knees leaving a few inches of space between your knees. With your feet should width apart, pretend like you are about to sit in a chair.

Step 2: Step one leg out on a 45 degree angle, stepping with heel first. Then step the other leg out on a 45 degree angle, stepping with heel first. Make sure that your knees don’t collapse inside, pushing outwards on the band.

Step 3: Stay low, keeping your bum pushed back and your core engaged while gliding through the steps. Complete 3 sets of 10.

You’ll be surprised how little it takes to feel a burn in your glutes!