I worked with Dr. Fryer often in-season to take care of tweaks and strains that were limiting my performance. His knowledge of different treatments and which ones are most effective in individual situations allowed me to get back and competing at my highest level quickly time after time.

In the off-season before my freshman year at Union College I stayed in Oakville four days of the week in order to train with Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes. During this time I was exposed to a type of training that has forever changed the approach I take in the off-season. The knowledge Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes had about sport-specific biomechanics and functional movements was something I had never been exposed to. Personally, I had issues with my hip and groin strength and mobility as well as recurring lower back pain, not great issues for a hockey player! They educated me on the impact that a weak muscle can have on surrounding areas and explained why I had recurring trouble in certain regions. They then created a training program to strengthen and correct the deficiencies I had developed. Proper instruction on performing Olympic lifts saved me from future injury and allowed me to safely jump into the team workouts once I arrived on Union’s campus.

The improvement in my stride and efficiency in my movements on the ice, an increase in strength, combined with fewer nagging injuries, pushed me permanently away from the ‘old school’ training I had been doing prior to Dynamic. My college coach was over the moon about the gains I had made and I felt healthier and more efficient on the ice. Many hockey gyms with large group settings are unable to give any kind of personal feedback outside of your testing reps and weights and the training is ‘one size fits all’. Training hard was never an issue for me but equally or perhaps more importantly, after working with Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes, I learned how to ‘train smart’.

Throughout college I have been fortunate not to have suffered many serious injuries ( I believe due to the education and paradigm shift I received from Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes), but I continue to call Dr. Fryer for advice over the phone before taking action for rehabbing an injury and even for his thoughts on the diagnoses. I really appreciated the accountability and ‘we’ attitude at Dynamic. Dr. Fryer wanted to see me reach my goals and it became his goal to help me. I highly recommend Dynamic Health and Performance for serious athletes. My only regret is that I didn’t find them earlier in my career.

I had been dancing my whole life without any injuries, until one year I had hurt my hip and had tried to “stretch it out” for about two years afterwards. Realizing the pain had gone away but the mobility in my hip had decreased, and my hips started to snap, it was time to seek out expert advice.

I was recommended to Dr. Fryer by a sports injury doctor, and am I ever glad! Me and my sister showed up at our first appointment with Dr. Fryer and he didn't know a lot about dance, but knew our hips needed lots of attention. From there he took it upon himself to research the sport until he knew all the terminology and even steps, just so he could figure out why we were so “broken”. Our recovery was well-rounded as he used multiple techniques such as: acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage therapy etc., trained us to use proper muscle groups while executing dance moves and eliminating “cheats”, and even had me see a nutritionist so I was getting adequate amounts of quality foods so I was helping my body rather than hurting it with the extensive training I was undergoing.

It became a process to get our hips fixed, but I'm glad it was. Over the course of time Dr. Fryer wasn’t just my doctor giving me amazing advice for my injuries but also life advice. He slowly became a life coach, a motivator and a best friend. You would think I would dread going to an appointment where I’m going to get my butt kicked with exercises, and stuck with acupuncture needles, but it was the exact opposite. The Dynamic Health and Performance staff is so friendly, down to earth and always up for a challenging patient like myself. Even when it gets frustrating along the road to recovery, they will never give up on you and keep pushing you to do your exercises and take your ice baths.

My hips have been completely fixed and now my dancing and flexibility is even better than before my injury! Although, I don't get to see him 2-3 times a week now that I am healed, we still keep in touch every so often and he continues to be a coach, motivator and a friend. I owe my health and my continuing dance career, and maybe some coffees, to all to the staff at Dynamic Health and Performance, especially Dr. Ben Fryer.

Dr. Fryer has helped me with many injuries in the past several years as my team Doctor for the Oakville Blades. Most recently he has rehabilitated my knee after ACL reconstruction surgery in March of 2008. I suffered the injury from an awkward hit playing hockey in Janurary. Dr. Fryer put in countless hours even before my surgery. From finding me the quickest MRI, the best surgeon in the area and making sure I was strong and ready for the surgery (pre-habilitation).

Several days after the surgery I began my rehabilitation at Dynamic Health and Performance. For the next six months it was my second home, working hard in order to be ready for this year's hockey season. With lots of hard work, Dr. Fryer's encouragement and knowledge I was able to make a full recovery months before my expected recovery date.

During my entire experince and still to date Dr. Fryer has been a phone call away. I want to thank him and Dr. Smeaton for everything they have done for me; I would not be where I am without their help.

In May 2013, I was on my way for a 100 km ride on my bike. Shortly after my departure, as I was going downhill at around 40 km, I hit a pothole and I flew over my bike. I hit the the road, skid for a while and was struck by a cyclist following me on the hill. I ended up with a concussion, road rashes, bruises and pain all over.

Dr.Weekes was there at the beginning of my journey. Assessing my cognitive process, my physical state, as well as my emotional one.

Dr.Weekes patience, support, kindness and availability to me was absolutely amazing. He was my number one professional caregiver; listening, comforting me, researching why I was having all this new symptoms and reaching out to find other professionals who could make my daily life better.

As I approach my two year anniversary, I am now able to do yoga a few times a week, go for long walks and even start training on my trainer on my city bike.

I am confident that with time I will be back on my road bike. Having hope and patience are two characteristics that I learned on this journey.

I will always be grateful for the dedication, professional support and empathy Dr Jeff offered me and my family over the last months.

Before visiting the team at Dynamic Health and Performance, I was suffering from chronic lower back pain which severely affected my ability to compete at the NCAA level. Every morning, simply getting out of bed and putting my socks on seemed to be too daunting of a task. After working for only two months with the team, we were able to immensely reduce the pain I was experiencing in my lower back. I had exhausted every option before going to see Dynamic Health and Performance, including having X-Rays, MRI’s, and seeing sports medicine specialists, spine specialists and orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Fryer was able to properly diagnose my problem within a couple visits, whereas the rest of the medical profession was unable to provide any answers for over a year and a half. Not only has the pain basically subsided, they have made me more muscular, more flexible and ultimately a better athlete. Simply stated, Dynamic Health and Performance has saved my collegiate hockey career.

Injuries are a huge part of my life and could have easily affected me poorly but in the end they shaped me and ultimately made me stronger. I credit so much of that to Dynamic Health and Performance team. Dr. Weekes has helped me through every injury I’ve had, from my knee surgery, to me breaking my Scaphoid 3 times and having to have surgery. Each injury I had I was able to beat the recovery time, as Dr. Weekes, Dr. Fryer, and Dr. Smeaton knew how to get the most out of my rehab and knew how hard they could push me in my rehab. My older brother who is as injury prone as myself, with experiences such as major ankle and elbow surgery has had the same level of success in his recovery with Dr. Weekes. Where many would have said maybe it’s time to stop with Rugby and Football (considering I can point to most of my limbs and give at least one injury story), I was able to keep playing and stay healthy thanks to Dr. Weekes, Dr. Fryer, Dr. Smeaton as well as every other member of the Dynamic Health and Performance team.

Playing hockey since the age of 4, injuries have been an inevitable part of my hockey career. I met Dr. Fryer in 2006 when I was 18, while playing for the Oakville Blades. Over the past 7 years or so, he has treated me for numerous injuries of varying degrees, with one common outcome… He has always brought me back to full health, not matter what or how long it took. Over my two seasons with the Oakville Blades, I worked with Dr. Fryer on multiple occasions, most notably for the four separated shoulders I suffered (left and right twice each). His knowledge of a particular injury and how to treat each one differently based on its severity is something that cannot be unmentioned. Most importantly, his expertise on how to further prevent injuries is second to none. To this day, I have not suffered another separated shoulder (knock on wood J), even after playing four years of NCAA D1 hockey at RIT and one year of pro in the ECHL.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play Division 1 hockey at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 2008 to 2012. There was a three-year period from 2008 to 2011 where I was relatively injury free and did not require Dr. Fryer’s assistance. That being said, we always kept in touch and whenever I had a question or concern about a small injury or a question that related to training and injury prevention, he would always answer the question as if I was one of his patients. It wasn’t until May 2011, where I would need his assistance for an injury that put my hockey career in jeopardy. I underwent surgery on my right hip for a torn labrum, bone spurs on my femur, and to correct femoral acetablar impingement. This surgery required 6 months of recovery/rehabilitation. Here’s the funny thing… I chose to use another clinic for my treatment based on a recommendation from a friend. Definitely not the best idea! Around Christmas time during my senior season at RIT, my right hip once again started to act up. For the second straight offseason, in April 2012, I underwent another surgery on my right hip. In this operation, the surgeons removed a new bone spur from my femur, more torn labrum, and scar tissue adhesions from many of my hip flexor muscles. This time, I immediately called Dr. Fryer and told him the situation. After a second hip surgery, not many hockey players continue playing. Well to make a long story short, the 8-month rehab with Dr. Fryer took 6 months and I was able to pursue my dream of playing professional hockey this past season. I played in the ECHL for the Alaska Aces before being traded to the Bakersfield Condors. This offseason, there are no issues with my right hip thanks to Dr. Fryer and his team at Dynamic Health and Performance.

I strongly believe that the treatment and preventative training from Dr. Fryer and his team at Dynamic Health and Performance saved my hockey career and I am forever grateful for that.

When I first met Dr. Ben Fryer I had multiple injuries from years of improper training as a triathlete and a swimmer. Dr. Fryer took the time to develop a strength training program that worked on my areas of weakness to ensure that chronic overuse injuries stopped occurring. He then helped me develop a better training program to ensure that the required distances for swimming, biking and running were met without causing injury. He also took the time to analyze my running technique and was able to determine where I was inefficient and how to fix this. From his excellent care I was able to compete for Canada at the World Triathlon Championships injury free. His dedication, problem solving ability and desire for me as an athlete to be able to compete at my highest potential was absolutely second to none.
Last summer I trained at Dynamic Health and Performance in preparation for my return to pro hockey after being away from the game for two years. The training staff helped me achieve the goals I had set for myself and gave me the motivation I needed to surpass expectations. Dynamic Health and Performance is a first class organization. It has everything an athlete needs to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Dr. Fryer and his staff and I look forward to training with them again next summer.

I used to work out on a regular basis, but over the past several years I have neglected my health. As a result, I began feeling lethargic, I was out of breath after climbing staris, and I became very dissatisfied with my overall health. When I first went to Dynamic Health and Performance for a consultation, my goal was to complete a 5K run and to build strength and endurance. Dr. Jeff Weekes tailored a program that would help me achieve my goals.

The program, which is periodically modified to keep me challenged, is one that I can easily follow at home. I am thrilled with the results and have developed a much healthier lifestyle. I not only feel better, but my friends and colleagues have also noted a positive change in me. Thank you Dr. Jeff!

When I first went to Dynamic Health and Performance, I was going to turn 50 in a year, but felt many years older than that. I had no energy and was definately out of shape. My lack of physical activity was affecting my day to day life as well as my work as an educator. I needed to find a way to feel better about myself and develop the energy to successfully handle the daily tasks and expectations of the workplace. Dr. Jeff Weekes provided me with both the motivation and conditioning training to reach this goal. I feel that I am now on the right track for a healthier life-style. Thanks to Dr. Weekes' instruction and encouragement, it is a life-style that I know I can continue to maintain. I may be 50, but now I feel much younger and definately more energetic!

In my experience at Dynamic Health and Performance, I have never felt more understood, encouraged, and motivated to attack my injuries with aggressive rehab that allowed me to continue to perform at a high level. The therapists at Dynamic such as Dr. Weekes and Dr. Fryer have been instrumental in helping me recover from injuries and always offer insight and unique sets of exercises or stretches that actively rehab even outside of the clinic. Noticing the difference in level of care at other facilities, the Dynamic teams focus on actively rehabbing and making sure steps are taken everyday to rehab injuries, and even reduce chronic pain in areas I had given up on trying to recover, was eye opening for me as I realized more than ever that therapy doesn’t work fully unless you are following all of the therapist’s instructions including what is done on one’s own time. The team is understanding of your aspirations and limitations, and I would even be in the clinic multiple times a week during football season when my ankle surgery had taken place 5 months prior during rugby. The Dynamic team was great at determining whether an injury was at risk of being reinjured and much to my dismay at times they would rule me out of activity but I trusted their judgment and I have not been lead astray yet.

From a broken and dislocated ankle with metal inserted, to a dislocated elbow with bone chips, among many other less significant injuries such as separated shoulders, Ulnar collateral ligament sprains, and the occasional strained calf or quad contusion. Dr. Weekes always seemed up to the challenge and excited to work with a new injury in order to get me back to playing shape. Never afraid to pull out books and explain injuries fully to me so I could understand what it is exactly I needed to do in order to fully recover. Dynamic covers all the bases and with many of the therapists being athletes themselves, they know what it is like to experience injury and go through the physical and even emotional tolls that accompany not being able to play the sports we love to the best of our ability. I owe a ton of credit to Dr. Weekes and the Dynamic Health and Performance team for keeping me on my feet much longer than I would have been able to on my own.

I had suffered with chronic back pain for over 6 years due to ruptured discs L4-S1. I could not walk for more than 10 feet without support and was reliant on pain medication to get through the day. I had various doctors and therapists and underwent a variety of treatments, but obtained no relief or improvement.

Naturally, based on past experience, I believed that I would never be pain free again. I knew from the first consultation with Dr. Fryer that this time would be different. He emphasized that the goal should be about improving the whole person not just treating the individual symptoms. Dr. Fryer is very knowlegeable about the spine, and the nervous and muscular systems. His thorough diagnostic assessment identified other problems that contributed to the pain that had not previously been identified by the other healthcare professionals. He was extremely patient in answering all my questions, ensuring I had a full understanding of the treatments being provided and addressing all my concerns. I appreciated his positive encouragement which helped me to persevere through the treatment plan and focus on the ultimate goal. Dr. Fryer used a variety of treatment methods and incorporated exercises that helped to get me active again.

When I reached intermittent very low pain and no pain days, I continued my rehabilitation with Dr. Weekes for personalized fitness training, focusing on core strength and conditioning. Dr. Weekes ensures I always use the correct form. He provides modified exercises that give me the same benefits of regular exercises while minimizing the risk of recurrence of the injuries. I have complete trust in his expertise and have made tremendous progress under his care.

I am now pain free and in the best physical shape that I have ever been. I am especially happy that I am able to once again fully participate in all activities. For these reasons, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes.

I first met Dr. Fryer as a result of a referral for a couple of injuries that no other place could even diagnose, never mind treat or heal. He played a major role during my minor midget season and I was able to overcome these injuries due to his incredibly fast and successful treatments. Prior to the OHL draft, I was playing in the OHFs with the Burlington midgets and suffered a torn ligament in my shoulder. The doctors at the tournament volunteered to treat me but I told them that I already had my expert in Dr. Fryer and would await his advice and treatment. He took a look at it and within a matter of seconds made a diagnosis and was treating it. Thanks to his countless hours of treatment, my shoulder is not only completely healed but stronger and more muscular than before the injury. He is always there when you need him.

Dr. Weekes is another person who has helped me with this injury. He has also significantly bettered my overall fitness level with his second to none personal training. He is a great trainer and motivator, but even a better person.

Over the past three months, I joined Dynamic Health and Performance for off-ice training. I would say that it was the best decision with regards to my training program that I have ever made. Dr. Fryer and Dr. Weekes are two of the most intelligent and caring people I have ever met. They're superior knowledge of how the body works and how to properly and specifically train each person according to their desired needs is superior to any place I've ever trained at. I am excited every day I go to train with these guys because they know what they are doing and they have significantly improved my strength, speed and conditioning. The difference in my overall shape and conditioning is night and day to when I first started with Dynamic Health and Performance. They have played a major role in the athlete I am today.

It is a family affair for us at Dynamic. All five of us have been treated by Dr. Fryer or Dr. Weekes at some time over the past three years. With three children participating in six rep sports, injuries and tweaks are common occurrences. Dynamic Health and Performance is always there for us with a diagnosis, treatment and a plan to help avoid the injury in the future.

Our daughter’s hip injury had everyone else stumped. Dr. Fryer diagnosed it quickly and was with her every step of the way from pre-op conditioning, surgery and throughout her post-op recovery and rehab. With Dr. Fryer’s excellent care and her hard work, she was back on the volleyball court and soccer pitch two months earlier than expected and stronger than ever. After a car accident, my husband was experiencing back and shoulder pain. Dr. Fryer had him pain-free and back playing and coaching hockey quickly. Our younger children have also been treated at Dynamic Health and Performance for repetitive strain injuries from baseball and volleyball. Their efficient treatment was instrumental in my children’s quick recovery. The strategies they were taught to stretch and strengthen the problem areas have ensured that those injuries have not recurred.

We have referred many people to Dr. Fryer and the team at Dynamic Health and Performance over the years. They truly care about your health and recovery.

My name is Taylor and I am a 15 year old competitive figure skater. I began seeing Dr Ben in April of 2010 for treatment on my ankle after I rolled it and damaged 3 ligaments. I was back on the ice in 8 weeks feeling great. I continued to see Dr Ben for off ice training and treatments of other minor injuries.

Dr Ben helped me improve my overall strength especially core and lower body. He also taught me proper take off and landing techniques which improved my jumps immensely.

What I like about Dr Ben and DHP is that whenever I required treatment I got it, even last minute. Dr Ben also came to the rink if I needed it.

I appreciate Dr B’s sense of humour, which makes getting treatment tolerable!

I have been working with Dr. Fryer and the staff at Dynamic Health and Performance for over three years now, and they have been more knowledgable, involved, and invested in my health than anyone else I have worked with. I first started working with Dr. Fryer when he was the team doctor for the Oakville Blades during my first year. Dr. Fryer rehabbed me through countless injuries, including a separated shoulder. Upon injuring my shoulder, Dr. Fryer took me from the game, to the hospital to be x-rayed, and then brought me to his clinic at 1am to treat me right away. With his help, I was able to return from a separated shoulder well ahead of schedule. I have never dealt with anyone who cares more about the patients he treats than Dr. Fryer.

Even after leaving Oakville and moving on to the NCAA, Dr. Fryer has always been only a phone call away, and has encouraged me to call if I ever need anything. I continue to go to Dr. Fryer because he is the best at what he does. The treatment and rehab that I get with Dr. Fryer is the best I have received anywhere. Even while playing NCAA Division 1 hockey, the medical staff, the diagnoses, and the treatment pale in comparison to the expertise of Dr. Fryer and his staff. I would recommend Dynamic Health and Performance to everyone. Whether it be for treatment, rehabbing an injury, or training for sport, Dr. Fryer and his staff are the best I have ever dealt with.

I have to say that I probably wouldn’t be running, or swimming or cycling at all if it wasn’t for Jeff Weekes. About a year ago I met him at an indoor triathlon. My left arm was hanging at my side as I had a “stair incident” two days prior and couldn’t move it at all. He looked at it there and told me to see him at his office. He very carefully and methodically looked at it, and started his regiment of treatment. He also decided that an X-ray was in order. Later that week we got the result and indeed there was a small break. He was conservative in his approach, got the opinion of a radiologist and recommended I see a Sports Medicine Specialist to review the results of the X-rays. Very quickly my shoulder healed and Jeff was constantly changing the exercises from rehabilitative to strengthening. While he was dealing with my shoulder he also dealt with a more chronic problem that I had, a sore hip. I had gone the traditional route for my hip, family doctor, sports medicine, and then orthopaedics. I found so much inconsistency, one visit I had arthritis and the other I did not. I was told I would need a hip replacement. I said thank-you but no thank-you and politely left. I explained my plight to Jeff. Never was my day-to-day activity mentioned, never was there a plan for strengthening, of course until I met Jeff. As it turns out it was probably never my hip at all, but a muscle in my pelvis. He has me back out there running, I was able to do 2 triathlons this year, swimming and cycling. I have to say it is not the traditional approach to chiropractic care, crack crack and out. He takes time with you, there is always an exercise component, and I believe this is key, he modifies it constantly. I realized the extent of it when I was doing hill training last summer, something I haven’t been able to do in years. So again I have to say, Jeff’s care has been exemplary and I owe to him for getting me back out there!

Two years ago, I injured my ankle badly. I had 4 tears, bone bruising, swelling and bleeding into the bone. Dr. Ben was instrumental in diagnosis and treatment of my injury. With his expert help I was able to control the pain. Even though I couldn’t train anywhere near full capacity, with Dr. Ben’s treatments, motivation and continued belief in me, I made it thru to Canadian’s (a national event). Throughout countless MRI’s, PRP injections, acupuncture, ultra sounds, bone scan’s and hours and hours spent in specialists offices with no answers to fix my ankle, Dr. Ben continued to explore resources and never gave up. He believed in me when no one else did. I thought the pain would never go away. I ended up having reconstructive surgery on my peroneal tendon. Rehab was tough but thanks to Dr. Ben I am now finally fully recovered. Dr. Ben gave me back my dream, my passion, my purpose. I would highly recommend Dr. Ben as a therapist, not only does he take care of your physical condition he also addresses the emotional devastation associated with the injury. In summary he just made everything better!