Golf Injury Rehabilitation

At DHP we treat all types of golf injuries. We are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and follow their model of assessing injured golfers. Injury diagnosis begins with a TPI medical assessment that is a series of screens that identify a golfers range of motion, strength, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination as they relate to golf.

Once we identify your functional limitations we have an understanding of how these will predispose you to injury during golf. Understanding the underlying limitations that caused an injury enable us to create an individualized plan that targets the reason for the injury while we treat the injured area itself.

In rehabilitation of your injury we may use any personalized combination of:

• Medical Acupuncture • Active Release Technique ® • Graston Technique
• Joint Mobilization • Functional Rehabilitation • Laser/ Electrical Modalities


Golf Fitness
The TPI golf fitness screen is for those golfers looking to increase distance, overcome persistent swing faults, or simply become physically capable of golfing more often.

How Does the TPI Fitness Screen Work?

The TPI Fitness Screen is a head to toe assessment that identifies a golfer’s functional limitations It is designed to assess injury free individuals looking to improve their golf specific functional fitness level. It gauges a player’s range of motion; strength, flexibility, stability, posture, and balance as they relate to golf. It also focuses on the basic movement patterns required to golf efficiently and produce power within your golf swing.

Why are Correcting my Dysfunctions or Physical Limitations Important to Improving my Golf Game?

  • Poor golf swing mechanics are often the result of a player’s physical limitations.
  • Physical inabilities directly correlate to swing faults.
  • Effective and efficient golf requires normal joint rage of motion, the ability to quickly stabilize joints as well as proper motor control.
  • Dysfunction will lead to pain, compensatory changes and injury.


Who Should Get a TPI Medical Screen?

  • If you are injured or experience pain while golfing
  • If you want to increase your distance, accuracy & consistency
  • If you want to be physically capable of golfing more rounds in a season
  • If you think that aches pains and a rising handicap are happening because you are “getting old"


What the Fitness Screen Includes?

  • Head to toe functional golf screen
  • Customized program design and use of the MY TPI software system that includes workout descriptions and videos so you will always know exactly how to perform your exercises.
  • A 1-on-1 session where your exercises will be demonstrated so you are confident that you are performing them perfectly.


Golf Fitness Events

Interested in having us come to your course or facility to add an informative and interactive activity?

  • Mens/ Ladies Day
  • Presentations
  • Academies
  • Junior Camps
  • Member Events

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