Athletic Workshops

Dynamic Warm-Up

Dynamic Warm Up is an important aspect of athletic performance. This workshop teaches young athletes HOW & WHY to incorporate these important concepts into their training and game day routine. We teach athletes a complete functional, sport specific, dynamic warm up technique, timing and progressions. Your team’s volunteer trainer will receive a breakdown and shown how to facilitate the team’s best warm-up!

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Athletes will be put through a physical Functional Movement Screen which will identify those athletes who are at risk for injury as well as prevent mid-season injury. This is a standardized research based screening tool that assesses the athlete’s body movements.

The FMS screen is used by professional hockey and football teams throughout the season. Athletes will receive pre and post testing, a results package, and information session.

Visit our FMS page for more information.

Injury Prevention

Athletes will receive a presentation on injuries and how they occur. There will be a discussion and education on overuse, and prevention of injuries. The session will be customized to your sport and age specific needs.

Young Athletes Nutrition Needs

Are your young athletes getting all the right fuels for performance, recovery & development? Athletes will be put through a body composition analysis to screen muscle, body fat tissue, and metabolic rate to identify individual nutrition needs.

Sport Psychology for Optimal Performance

Parents and athletes will each receive a 60 minute seminar on the importance of the mental component of sport and how working with a mental performance coach can enhance sport performance and enjoyment. Discussions will include: effective pre and post game communication for parents, goal-setting, and focus/re-focusing strategies for athletes. Sessions will be customized to your sport, age-specific needs.

Girls In Sport

Some strictly female health considerations for young female athletes.

Parents In The Know

This workshop will align your trainers, coaches, parents on injury risks, prevention considerations and helping to organize your season from after school snacks to managing stressful injuries.

Office Workshops

Repetitive Strain Injuries

We teach why repetitive strain injuries occur and strategies that can be implemented immediately to decrease risk and speed recovery.

It's A Female Thing

We discuss repetitive strain injuries and focus on how they affect females specifically.

Desk Job Aches and Pains

We discuss and teach useful strategies to help avoid repetitve strain injuries common in "desk jobs".

Functional Movement Screen

Functional Movement Screening is a research based tool that uses movement as a baseline for injury prediction and prevention. Screening and corrective exercises can be helpful in preventing injury.

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Kids & Youth Topics / School Guest-Speaking

All our topics from Office and Athlete Workshops can be modified and presented to children.

All About the Body

Basic Anatomy and Physiology for grade school.

Get Moving for a Healthy Life

You don't have to be an athlete to be active.

Sitting Up Straight: Use Your Muscles & Avoid Injury

The Right Shoe for the Job

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